Licensing Preparation for Childcare Programs:

Planning to open a new childcare center or preschool? You’re required to contract with a health consultant as part of your application process and we can help you! We know it can be a daunting process and we have easy steps for you to follow to simplify things. Follow these easy steps:

Step #1 Contract: Contract with us for the required health consultation services so you can submit the contract with your licensing application, as required.

Step #2 Policy Review: Health & safety policies must be reviewed and approved by your health consultant. We’ve been doing this for years and will make the process easy. We’ll review your written health and safety policies or you can use our health and safety policies which we will update. Ours are licensing approved and come with the approval paperwork to submit to licensing to speed things along.

Step #3 Pre-license On-Site Visit: You will need to have the health consultant conduct a pre-license, on-site health and safety walk through before licensing comes out. This will be a comprehensive consultation to ensure you are set up and prepared for your licensing visit.

Step #4 On-Site Visits: Once you’re licensed, our on-site visits will begin to your program. Frequency of visits depends on the ages of children you serve….

All licensed childcare centers serving infants in Minnesota are required to have a monthly visit. Topics include a Policy Review/Updates, First Aid, Diapering, Sanitation, Safety & much more.

Programs that do not serve infants, but serve older children such as toddlers and preschoolers are required to have a yearly visit and we also offer quarterly visits as an option. This visit includes a policy review/updates as well as a comprehensive review of all things health & safety related.

Are you already licensed as a childcare center and you’re in need of a new health consultant? Our team of nurses specialize in health & safety consultation to licensed childcare centers in Minnesota and we’re here to help! We work with childcare centers all over the greater Twin Cities Metro area and beyond as well as Rochester and St. Cloud.