Who We Are

Who We Are

We believe a positive child care experience starts with the physical environment and the staff. Our goal is simple: we educate and support child centers to promote healthy care in child care.
We are devoted to delivering a pleasant experience to our clients, not just delivering knowledge, but through our high standard of service, our belief in being 100% authentic, & our passionate commitment to our community. Our core beliefs are as follows:

Every child should have the opportunity to be in an optimal safe and healthy child care environment: What children experience in early childhood effects their quality of life, which means that healthy, safe care should be what they experience. Our team exists so we can help child care centers achieve this.

Child care consultation should feel positive: We don’t pass down a bunch of rules and deliver them in a punitive manner. We don’t think this is just stagnant rules to pass on. We consider multiple sources of evidence and diverse perspectives and engage in continuous quality improvement. We look at past performance, progress and successes and every recommendation is balanced between licensing and best practices to achieve the best results. Each individual procedure is researched and continuously evaluated and updated so you will never experience outdated information or old flow sheets written years ago.

You should be able to choose the health consultant group that works for you: Your time is precious and we know you don’t have a lot of it to spare. We take advantage of technology, intelligent design, and thoughtful systems to ensure that your consultation experience is efficient and seamless, even during the busiest of times. We offer all of the health and safety related services you need so can take care of things through one trusted source, before diving back into your busy day.

Knowledgeable and efficient consultation can also be friendly, kind, genuine, and gracious consultation: Every member of our team has a natural passion for taking care of others. We take pleasure in providing genuine care to each client and we are out to prove that friendly service can also be engaging and memorable service.

We have a responsibility to promote healthy care that will benefit generations to come: These are families and children in our communities. We know that families will need child care for their future children and we know that centers want them to return to their center. We are committed to working your staff teaching, promoting and supporting practices that are easily sustainable for years to come.