Frequently Asked Questions for Online Training

If your questions cannot be answered below, please use our “Contact Us” button above. These inquiries are responded to promptly. To help facilitate an efficient process please do not email or leave a voicemail with anyone else regarding online training. We cannot respond to voicemails concerning online training questions.

In order to take a class you must first log into our website using the instructions emailed to you and then click on “Access My Enrolled Classes” under the “Education and Training” heading. Or use the “My Enrolled Classes shortcut at the top of our website.

Classes are tied to the email used to purchase or the email your employer used to invite you. At any time you can reset your password by clicking on our “Log In” button and then click on “Reset Password” Or just click on the “Reset Password” shortcut link at the top of our website. Use the same email the class was assigned to reset your password. You can also click on “Reset Password” shortcut at the top of our website to accomplish the same thing.

Most likely the email got caught up in your junk email. You do not need the email to take the class. Simply go to our website and click on reset or lost password and follow prompts using the same email the class was assigned. Once logged in the class should be there. If our website does not recognize that email the class was probably assigned to another email or your email was incorrectly entered. First confirm the email used, if incorrect the person who assigned should refer to FAQ #10 to fix. If that does not work click “Contact Us” and it will get looked at.

This is likely an issue with the device you are using. You need to clear history and/or caches or try to reset your password. This is very common on mobile devices due to the amount of activity they save.

Classes are tied to the email provided upon purchase or the email your employer used to invite you. Occasionally different emails are used and multiple users are created. Please confirm you are using the same email the classes were assigned. If there is another possible emailed, try log in under that email. If you forgot your password, follow the instructions under question number 2 above.

It most likely went to your junk mail but you do not need the email to take your class. You simply need to log in under the email it was assigned. Follow the reset password instructions under question number 2 above.

This is an issue with your device. Some devices have personal settings that will mute videos upon opening. You must click to unmute. On phones this button can be very hard to find.

Yes, your class access will expire 45 days from the day it was assigned. You must also print any needed certificates in the time frame. If you have questions regarding an expired class, please contact us.

It is best to save and print your certificate immediately upon completion of the class but if you need to access a certificate simply log into your account and click on “Access My Enrolled classes” under the “Education and Training” heading. Click on Certificates next to the class completed. It is also recommended after viewing your certificate to email a copy to yourself for future reference.

You need to log into our website under your account and click on “Group Leaders Manage your Group” under the “Education and Training” heading. If you have multiple groups click the drop down and select the appropriate group. Once in the appropriate group click on “Manage/Add Users” and follow instructions to invite staff. If you have only one group, that will be the only one to appear and there will be no drop down.

Click on their name within the group. A window should pop up to change. If that does not work, click on the box in front of that staff member and choose remove user. A seat should be added back to your group. Then assign again with the correct email.

There is a dropdown of all of your groups to the right of the “Group” section in your group leader page. If you named your groups specifically you will see the different groups. If you do not name your groups specifically then there may be several groups with the same name. You then need to click on each group to see which classes are in each. This is why it’s important to name your groups specifically.

You can add seats to a group at any time by clicking the “Add Seat” button on the group leader page of that group.

On your group leader page click on “Reports”, then “Course”, then select the group and course you want to check. Once selected a report will appear below with date completed or progress of each member.

On your group leader page click on “Reports”, then “Progress”. Start typing in the name or email of the staff member in the search field. Their name should pop up below. Click on their name then click on “Certificate”. The certificate will be there only if they have completed the class.

Those certificates come from American Heart. Once your name and email are submitted to American Heart you should receive and email from American Heart to claim your certificate. It must be claimed first to view. It will come to the email provided to us. This may be your director’s email. Check junk mail if you have not received the email. If you still cannot find, please contact us.

Click on the link below and provide the exact name and email that was provided to us in the fields provided. It may have been submitted to your director’s email.