Ways To Purchase Our Online Trainings:

To offer flexibility, we offer three different ways to purchase our online trainings. Please read and review the options below carefully to see which is best for you:

Option #1:

Option #1 is for individuals that will pay and take the class individually. If you are buying the class for another person please use purchase option #2.

Click the red tab below to select this option #1. This will take you to the classes. There, click the purchase button under the class you wish to take. You can order multiple classes in one purchase by adding to your cart.

A certificate will be issued with the name the purchase was made in.

Option #2:

Option #2 is for employers that wish to pay for a class for their staff, but their staff will take the class individually. For example, Jane works for XYZ Childcare Center and XYZ Childcare Center is purchasing a class for Jane to take…

, but Jane will view the class herself, individually.

With this option, after the employer purchases the class, the employer must log into our website and go to the “group leader” section. In the “group leader” section, the employer must submit email addresses of the staff that are to take the class to invite them. Once you have submitted the staff email addresses, those staff will receive an email inviting them to take the class.

All certificates will be issued to the staff members that were entered by the employer/group leader so please be sure to spell their first and last name correctly.

Click the red tab below to select this option #2. This will take you to the page where an employer can purchase a class or multiple classes for one or more of their staff.

Option #3:

Option #3 is for programs that wish to view a class together as a group. This option is most commonly used during staff meetings or on training/in-service days. This option requires the purchaser to email us a list…

of all participant names in order to receive certificates.

Click on the red tab below to select this option #3. This will take you to the “Gather by Group Class” page where you will select and purchase a “Gather as a Group” class. When purchased as “Gather as a Group”, the class can only be accessed by the purchaser and shown as a group.