13 Cases in MN currently.

Extremely fluid situation- changes by the hour.

Currently no confirmed cases in MN schools.

Currently there is not a recommendation to close schools.

This could change in the future, or early dismissal may be recommended in the future, but the current recommendation is not to close schools in MN. Most children are not at high risk to COVID-19. Children with underlying medical conditions should plan differently. Those families should contact their health care provider, plan with their 504 or IEP team.

Newer recommendation- Limit Social Distancing:

  • Have less mixing of classrooms
  • Stagger recess so not as many kids are out at one time together

What would the process look like if there is a case in your school? MDH and local public health would be in contact with school leadership to make decisions. CDC has a school closure decision tree that would be used, and they would be there to support you in that situation.

Recommendations for now:

MDH has set up a Covid-19 Hotline: 651-201-3920