Hello, and welcome to the Group Leader page. Here is where you will invite your staff to take the class. Please select from the dropdown list of the classes purchased below to add your staff. To help you manage your classes please name your group as instructed with the center name, class, month and year. (ABC Childcare SUID Jan2021) Use the settings button above the registered users to make the change. This also helps us if we ever have to give you any assistance. As a group leader you can add staff individually or upload a group all at once. To add individually simply click enroll new user and fill out the information. Once finished click the submit button and that person will automatically get an invite to take the class. The plus button is to add another set of fields to add another staff member. If you have several staff and want to upload from a list click on enroll new users and then click on upload users. There you click download sample csv to get a template to enter your staff. Next enter your names in to the template and save to your computer, go back to enroll new users then to upload users and click on choose file. Once file is chosen click submit. An invite will automatically be sent to those on your list.

Entered a wrong email? Don’t worry, it’s a simple fix. Simply click on remove next to the person you need to change. This class will go back to your user registration amount. Then enroll again using the correct information.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at admin@mncchc.com. Or call 612-868-1746

Thank you

Craig Hawley

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