GOLDEN VALLEY, MInn. – There are now 20 children with confirmed cases of the measles, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.
Authorities say all 20 cases are in Somali children.
With the recent surge of cases, health officials in Hennepin County are urging all parents and health care providers to watch for signs of the measles and make sure children are protected through vaccination.
Health officials warn that measles is very contagious in those without vaccinations and can lead to serious hospitalization and even death.
The MDH is urging measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations in all children ages 12 months and older. Adults who have never had the MMR vaccination are also urged to get one immediately.
The MDH also states children who have had their first dose of the MMR vaccination should get their second as soon as possible — instead of waiting for the second dose at age 4 to 6. This special vaccine schedule is commonly recommended during outbreaks.
Those needing to get their children vaccinated should tell their health care provider the appointment is specifically for the MMR vaccine, in order to get an expedited appointment.
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