3 Ways To Purchase An Online Class

There are three ways to purchase an online class. Please read to see which applies to your situation!

#1 Individuals are paying for the class and taking the class themselves remotely. If this applies to you, click on the purchase button under the course you wish to purchase. Be sure to click individual (not group) at the purchase page. Your certificate will be issued under the name the purchase was made.

#2 Directors/group leaders are paying for the class for their staff and their staff is taking the class remotely. If you choose this method be sure to check group (not individual) at the purchase page. After purchase the purchaser/group leader will log back into our website, go to the group leader section of our website and enter emails of staff to invite. Once staff emails are submitted they will receive an email inviting them to take the class. Certificates are issued to the staff member

#3 If your program wants to gather as a group and watch the class together you must purchase one of our View as a Group classes. The class can be accessed only by the purchaser to be shown to the group. With this method you must send a list of participants to MNCCHC in order to receive certificates.