Allergy 101: Preventing and Responding to Allergic Reactions and Medication Administration Online Class


Price is $5.00 Per Person 

Whether you are an individual buying a class for yourself or you are a director buying classes for your staff, individuals will take the class online on their own through an email. Upon completion of the class a certificate will be issued.  IF YOU PLAN TO VIEW THE CLASS AS A GROUP TOGETHER CLICK ON THE YELLOW BAR ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE!!

Only click group if you are an employer purchasing for your staff and your staff  is taking the class online individually.  If you are paying individually click individual.  If you are planning to view this class as a staff together, DO NOT PURCHASE HERE!!  CLICK ON THE YELLOW BAR ON PREVIOUS PAGE!

When purchasing for a group, name your group with the class name, program name, month and date.. For instance: Allergy/ABC Child Care/Aug20


In this one hour training you will learn about food allergies including how to prevent, manage and respond to allergic reactions and cover Allergy Prevention and Response Training on MN Statutes, section 245A.41, subd. 1  This class also includes our Medication Administration class.  Upon completion of this class a certificate of completion will be issued.

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