MNCCHC Membership


This membership gives you access to the Online PDF Forms!

See below for a detailed list of online forms included in this membership. The MNCCHC membership lasts for one full year and is only $20.00.


List Of Online PDF Forms

1. Front Cover
2. Table of Contents
3. Intro Letter
4. Bleach Mix
5. Breast Milk Storage Guidelines
6. Checklist for Disinfectant other Than Bleach
7. Choking Information
8. Weatherwatch
9. Cleaning and Disinfecting
10. Changing Pull up Procedure
11. Cloth Diapering Procedures
12. Daily General Safety Checklist
13. Diapering Procedures
14. First Aid Checklist

15. Handwashing Instructions
16. Handwashing PDF Sign
17. Health Care Summary
18. Health Consultant Authorization
19. Asthma Action Plan
20. Staff Review of Individualized Child Care Program Plan for Allergy Prevention
21. Food and Allergy Emergency Care Plan
22. Seizure Action Plan
23. Child Care Allergy Information Form
24. Infant Feeding Guide
25. Injury Incident Report
26. Medication Admin Record

27. Reportable Disease Poster
28. Topicals Permission Form
29. New Child Care Food Program
30. Old and New Child Meal Patterns
31. Biting Log
32. Crib Check Log
33. Employee Illness Log
34. Fire Drill Log
35. Food Temperature Log
36. Illness Log
37. Infant Name to Face Check Log
38. Incident Injury Log
39. Fridge Freezer Temperature Log
40. Tornado Drill Log
41. Back Cover


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