• The 2020 updates are for those who have previously purchased our Health and Safety Policy Book. If you haven't purchased our Health and Safety Policy book you can do so here.
  • These strips are perfect for testing your bleach sanitizer.
  • OSHA Standards are a federally mandated law and now a part of 2017 MN child care licensing updates and requirements. This Exposure Control Plan includes policies and procedures on safe handling & disposal of bodily fluids to meet these new 2017 licensing requirements. These are included in our Health & Safety Policies or may be purchased separately here.
  • Every facility with children should have this large 11 x 17 wall chart. Sold separately. This quick guide helps care givers respond rapidly and effectively in emergencies. Infant and child choking/CPR instructions on one side.
  • For single use on adults, children, or infants for CPR rescue breathing. Used to prevent transmission of bodily fluids and germs between rescuer and victim. Comes individually wrapped ideal for keeping in first aid kits, your wallet, purse, pocket or backpack. Printed with CPR instructions on it; gives providers the confidence to begin CPR. Illustrations and instructions are on both the packaging and the actual mask to show CPR procedures to help guide your actions.
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    This full color, 4.5” x 6.5” First Aid Manual is a quick guide which makes it the perfect First Aid Manual making it easy for everyone to have first aid at their fingertips.
  • 11 x 17 wall chart. This quick guide helps care givers respond rapidly and effectively in emergencies. First aid topics include burns, scalds, fractures, sprains, head injuries, poisons, skin wounds and stings and bites.
  • Based on Minnesota Rule 3, these turn-key, all-inclusive health and safety policies are policies and procedures for licensed child care centers and include policies to meet and exceed Minnesota Rule 3 licensing as well as best practice guidelines and current health and safety recommendations for children in the early child care setting. See More Views below to view the Table of Contents.
  • A collection of forms, logs and individual child care plans to use in your program. These forms are written to include information required by Rule 3 licensing and follow best health and safety policies and practices that should be followed in your program. Organized and neatly compiled into a manual, this is a perfect companion to our health and safety policies or may be used alone. This is a necessity for every early childhood program!
  • Protective eyewear is required for licensed child care providers in Minnesota. These polycarbonate, clear safety glasses keep you in compliance and have you covered.
  • A sharps container is required for all licensed child care providers in Minnesota to have. This 1 Quart Sharps Container will keep you in compliance.
  • Eight sheets of preprinted, color coded, self adhesive labels.  Each sheet contains four 3.5" by 5" labels.   You will have enough labels to create 4 sets of Food Service/Classroom spray bottles and 4 sets of Diapering/Bathroom spray bottles.  Food Service/Classroom sets include; Cleaner, Rinse and Sanitizer.  Diapering/Bathroom sets include; Cleaner, Rinse and Disinfectant.  Please note, we also sell water proof labels.  If you order these labels, we recommend covering the labels with clear packing tape for protection.
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